Nuclear Control Institute
1000 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
Suite 410
Washington DC 2003


Committee to Bridge the Gap
1637 Butler Avenue
Suite 203
Los Angeles CA 90025



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Contact:   Steven Dolley, NCI:  202-822-8444
  Paul Leventhal, NCI: 202-822-6623
  Bennett Ramberg, CBG: 310-478-0829


When:   Tuesday, September 25, 2001, 9:30 AM


Where:   National Press Club, West Room


Subject:   Vulnerability of the nation's 103 nuclear power reactors to terrorist attack
  and emergency measures still needed to prevent catastrophic consequences.



  Paul Leventhal, president, Nuclear Control Institute

  Daniel Hirsch, president, Committee to Bridge the Gap

  Dr. Edwin Lyman, scientific director, Nuclear Control Institute

  Dr. Bennett Ramberg, research director, Committee to Bridge the Gap;
   author of Nuclear Power Plants As Weapons for the Enemy:
  An Unrecognized Military Peril
(University of California Press)

  Tom Clements, executive director, Nuclear Control Institute

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