Amory Lovins interview & bio  

Amory Lovins, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute    (clip duration: 2m 24s)

Amory B. Lovins co-founded Rocky Mountain Institute in 1982 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer (Research).  An experimental physicist, educated at Harvard and Oxford, Mr. Lovins rose to prominence during the oil crises of the 1970s when, still in his 20s, he challenged conventional supply-side dogma by urging that the United States instead follow a "soft energy path."  His controversial recommendations were eventually accepted by the energy industry, and his book, Soft Energy Paths:  Toward a Durable Peace (1977) went on to inspire a generation of decision-makers.   Lovins has received six honorary doctorates, a MacArthur Fellowship, the Heinz, Lindbergh and Right Livelihood awards, among other honors.  His work today focuses on transforming the car, real-estate, electricity, water, semiconductor, and several other manufacturing sectors toward advanced resource productivity. He has briefed 12 heads of state, held several visiting academic chairs, authored or co-authored 27 books, and consulted for scores of industries and governments worldwide.  The Wall Street Journal named Mr. Lovins one of 39 people world-wide "most likely to change the course of business in the '90s" .

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