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India and Pakistan Nuclear News (year 2002)
A reverse chronological listing of the news clips from January 1 to May 28.

May 28
12 Million Could Die at Once in an India-Pakistan Nuclear War New York Times

May 27
Pakistan and India Have World on Brink of Another Nuclear War Salt Lake Tribune
Pakistan has secretly built up nuclear arsenal Times (UK)
Estimated nuclear strength of India, Pakistan CNN
World plea to stop first nuclear war Age (Australia)

May 26
3 million may die in Indo-Pak N-war Agence France Presse

May 25
Nuclear War? Herald-Zeitung
Limited Nuclear War in Asia Would Kill Millions Reuters

May 23
Indian Leader's Threat of War Rattles Pakistan and the U.S. New York Times

May 22
Brinkmanship in South Asia [editorial] New York Times
India's PM Talks of Battle at Border AP
Fear of nuclear war over Kashmir Guardian (UK)

May 17
Pakistan Puts Some Forces on High Alert as India Plans Reprisal Washington Post

May 16
U.S. India-Pakistan Mission Fails to Ease the Standoff New York Times

May 15
Report: India, Pakistan Were Near Nuclear War in '99 Washington Post

May 12
U.S. Envoy on Mission to India and Pakistan New York Times
Pak had plans to nuke India in 1999 Express India

May 10
The Kashmir Time Bomb [op-ed] Washington Post

April 27

India's multi-ethnicity danger to its nukes: report PakNews
Russian company begins work on Indian N-plant Interfax (Russia)

April 26
India Planning Nuclear Weapons Command Structure  Reuters

April 8
Musharraf warns India he may use nuclear weapons Times (UK)

April 6
Musharraf ready to use nuclear arms Guardian (UK)

April 1
India to revive N-safety co-operation with US Times of India
Russia keen to set up N-reactors in India Times of India

March 31
US nuclear duplicity Frontier Post (Pakistan)

March 30
Nuclear experts dismiss US fears of plutonium misuse Times of India

March 21
China, Pakistan sign secret pacts WorldNetDaily

March 14
No intention to enter into nuclear race: Musharraf PakNews (Pakistan)

March 12
Nuclear installations not safe, says JUI FrontierPost (Pakistan)

March 11
Nuke 'em! FrontierPost Pakistan

March 3
Ambassador: Pakistani nuclear secrets are safe CNN
Pakistani Scientist Who Met Bin Laden Failed Polygraphs, Renewing Suspicions
Washington Post

February 14
N-war unthinkable: Musharraf PakNews

February 9

Nuclear Terrorism: Nuclear power plants and "dirty bombs", The threat of nuclear terrorism, The potential impact of a major nuclear attack, Security & prevention
(British Medical Journal, Feb. 9, 2002; PDF file)

February 1
Indo-Pak tension may lead to nuclear proliferation PakNews (Pakistan)

January 31
Experts: No MAD in S. Asia Nuke War AP

January 28
US for pact with Pakistan, India on nuclear devices Pakistan News Service

January 26
Pakistan furious as Indian missile test ratchets up tension Guardian (UK)
Experts: No MAD in S. Asia Nuke War  (AP, January 26, 2002)

January 25
India Successfully Tests Missile AP

January 23
India to Adopt Tighter Nuclear Transport Pact Reuters

January 15
Musharraf Says He Will Back Down if India Does Reuters

January 13
Pakistan Enhancing Nuclear Warhead Carrying Capabilities PTI (Indian News Service)

January 12
Nuclear War an Option, India Says National Post
Indian General Talks Bluntly of War and a Nuclear Threat New York Times

January 11
Malaysia fears nuclear threat in India-Pakistan tension AFP

January 7
India Pledges No First Nuclear Strike BBC
"Atoms for Peace" Allowed India's A-Bomb [letter] Washington Times

January 5
Pakistan not to use nukes in war: Moin PakNews (Pakistan)

January 3
Nuclear war possible: Wasim Sajjad PakNews (Pakistan)

January 2
US Urges Nuke-Armed Rivals to Cool It Las Vegas SUN

January 1
India, Pakistan Exchange Nuclear List Las Vegas SUN

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