From: Calhoun, Richard B.
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 1998 2:41 PM
To: STC - All Employees
Subject: FW: A Letter from Charlie Pryor

Dear Fellow Westinghouse Employee:

It's official! Thirty legislative days have passed and the U.S. Congress has taken no action to block the certification necessary for Westinghouse and other U.S. companies to pursue commercial nuclear power business in the Peoples Republic of China.

In other words, the world's fastest-growing nuclear market is now open to us. While many within Westinghouse worked aggressively to have the sanctions that closed this market removed, we must now do all that we can to compete for and win business in China under terms that are profitable for both our customer and our company.

I believe that we can be successful in this new arena. Although China's nuclear market is just now opening to us, Westinghouse and Energy Systems have been active in China for many years. Equally important, our technology and our "win-win" approach to conducting international business are both well received by the Chinese. We are a known entity with time-tested technologies.

Still, we cannot expect an easy road, as we will face tough competition both from U.S. and international suppliers. I am confident though, that on an even playing field, we at Westinghouse will win more than our share of business.

I want to thank all of you who assisted in any way in the certification process that has opened this important market to us. Regardless of whether you were involved officially as a Westinghouse employee or simply as a citizen who expressed your views to your Senators and Representatives, your efforts produced the desired result.

Charlie Pryor, President

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