International Civil Aviation Organization
Montreal, Canada

28 June 1996

Dear Mr. Leventhal,

I wish to refer to your letter dated 17 June 1996, together with the exchange of correspondence between the Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). I noted the statement contained in your letter dated 14 June 1996, referring to reanalysis commissioned by ICAO". You may wish to note, however, that only some relevant information was presented for consideration by the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP) members at an ad hoc working group meeting held in Ottawa, 20 to 21 April 1995.

With regard to the air transport of radioactive material, DGP will examine, from an aviation viewpoint, the amended Safety Series 6 Regulations for possible inclusion in the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods fly Air (Doc 9284). This will be done at the Working Group of the Whole Meeting, scheduled for 7 to 11 October 1996, in preparation for the sixteenth meeting of the Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP/16, October 1997). There are issues which ICAO and IAEA have identified as requiring further study and ICAO will therefore be participating in the Advisory Group Meeting on Modal Issues in the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material (Vienna, 14 to 18 October 1996). This meeting may identify technical issues which will be further investigated as part of the Coordinated Research Program which IAEA has agreed to undertake at the recommendation of ICAO. ICAO looks forward to working with the IAEA and other interested aviation organizations and the resolution of these issues which will result in the continuing adequacy of the safety requirements for the air transport of radioactive material.

Yours sincerely,

Assad Kotalte

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