International Air Transport Association
Montreal, Canada

1 July 1996

Dear Mr. P. Leventhal and Dr. Edwin Lyman,

Thank you for your letter of 17 June 1996 relating to the new revision of Safety Series 6. I appreciate your interest in obtaining the best possible regulatory regime for the transport of radioactive material.

I take note of the concerns detailed in the attachments to your letter. Please be assured that IATA attaches the highest importance to the safe transport of dangerous goods, including radioactive material, and we have been actively monitoring the progress of the new revision to Safety Series 6 at meetings of both the IAEA SAGSTRAM (now TRANSAC) and the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel.

Our approach has been, and continues to be, to support the adoption of the highest possible standards for the transport of dangerous goods that are not prohibited for air transport.


Pierre J. JEANNIOT, o.c.
Director General

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