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Open Letter to "Frontline"

Paul Leventhal, president, Nuclear
Control Institute, April 25, 1997

Frontline vs. the Facts: A Rebuttal of
PBS Frontline's "Nuclear Reaction"

Steven Dolley, research director,
Nuclear Control Institute, April 25, 1997

Frontline's Response to NCI
Jon Palfreman, producer of "Nuclear
Reaction" May 12, 1997
(NR transcript)

NCI Response to Palfreman
Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolley
June 19, 1997

Eight National Public-Interest Groups
Object to 'Frontline' Nuclear Power
Documentary as 'Biased' and 'Inaccurate'

Press Release, April 1, 1997

Paul Leventhal vs. Richard Rhodes
(host of "Nuclear Reaction") on Plutonium
and Nuclear Power

Transcribed excerpt from "Talk of the Nation,"
National Public Radio, January 4, 1994