NCI awards

Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times
Award for India-Pakistan Nuclear Central
They wrote: "We believe that your site is of real value to the people who use our site, and we believe many of them will want to see what you have to offer."

StudyWeb Excellence Award
StudyWeb Excellence Award
NCI web site has been selected as one of
the Net's finest informative and is included
in StudyWeb's listing of educational links

Political Site of the Day
NCI got this web award for section:
Saddam and the Bomb

PBS Frontline Pick
Thanks to Public Television for recognizing our web site:
"masterfully done...entices...persuasive and intelligent arguments."

Frontline's full blurb:

"Animation on the first page morphs a nuclear power plant into a mushroom cloud. The NCI is an anti-proliferation group formed by scholars. Even if the fear of nuclear proliferation doesn't entertain you, this award-winning site will. It's chock-full of dancing buttons and nifty animation. It entices you to read and has persuasive and intelligent arguments. However, the debate over reprocessing and whether it really increases risk of spreading plutonium and proliferation is still ongoing.

For animated scenes of a house being demolished by a nuclear explosion, go under Graphics and click on the black button at the bottom of the page that says Plutonium on the Internet. The site is so masterfully done, you'll believe almost anything it says and after a few minutes it may be impossible to see any distinction between nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons."

USA Today Hot Site
Thanks to USA Today for their finest "USA Today Hot Site" Award.
Nuke Locator
The Nuclear Control Institute makes fine use of the Web's interactive capabilities: A clickable, animated map of nuclear power plants reportedly interested in using plutonium from surplus weapons for reactor fuel.
How close is one of them to you?

NetGuide Gold Award
Thanks to NetGuide for giving us their precious Gold Award.
NetGuide Gold Award
This nuclear watchdog and advocacy group aims to enhance the understanding of the nuclear threat, which it says is compounded by the passing of materials into the hands of civilians. NCI clearly outlines key problems of nuclear proliferation--weapons getting into the hands of unstable countries, meltdown, etc.--at its site. The latest news releases and compelling campaign issues might turn you into a friend of this organization.

Thanks to all others!
Thanks to Microsoft Network (MSN Pick of the Day), Pointcom
(Top 5% of all web sites), USA Today (Hot Site), New Scientist
(Planet Science Site of the Day), InterNIC (Scout Report Selection),
Connell Communications (I-Way Best 500 sites of WWW)

....... Pointcom award - Top 5% on the Web .......USA Today award - Hot Site of the Day .......Microsoft network (MSN) award - Pick of the Day
.......I-Way Best 500 Sites of WWW .......Scour Report Selection .......Planet Science - Site of the Day

Furball Award
Thanks to "Furball the Great / Content is King"
service for giving us a special award!
You can find us under World Peace section.

QR 5-Star Award
We are glad we've received:
"Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award".

Our thanks to all others for recognizing our web site!
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