All of Iraq's nuclear scientists are still in place.
None of the nuclear-bomb components they built
before the Gulf War have been found. If Iraq could
steal or buy plutonium or bomb-grade uranium,
Saddam could have the Bomb in short order.

 George Stephanopoulos Interview (citing NCI) of IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei, ABC "This Week," December 1, 2002

Iraq's Nuclear Threat

Paul Leventhal, NCI President Emeritus, Interview by Pat Buchanan & Bill Press, MS-NBC, November 19, 2002    Video Part1 & Part2  

Steven Dolley, NCI Research Director, Interview by Britt Hume, Fox News, November 18, 2002

NCI President Emeritus Paul Leventhal interviewed by Steve Kroft on CBS News "60 Minutes," November 17, 2002
     Summary, Transcript Video Clip

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"Nuclear Inspections in Iraq: Are They Worth Another Chance? (Steven Dolley, Research Director, & Dr. Edwin Lyman, President, NCI Issue Brief, October 28, 2002)

I.A.E.A. Misstates Its Record on Dismantling Saddam's Nuclear-Bomb Program (NCI Analysis, September 30, 2002)

New Nuclear Inspections in Iraq: Key Issues (Steven Dolley, NCI Research Director, September 26, 2002)

Overview of IAEA Nuclear Inspections in Iraq  (Paul Leventhal & Steven Dolley, NCI, June 14, 2001)

U.S. State Department Information on Iraq:

Hiding Arms Is Easy New York Times [op-ed]

All Nuclear and Biological Roads Lead to Iraq's Hussein L.A. Times (Dec. 11)

Each Day We Wait, Saddam Grows More Powerful Wall Street Journal (Dec. 10)

Saddam builds new atom bomb London Sunday Times (Dec. 24, 2000)

New Iraq Inspection Regime Must Answer All Unresolved Questions About Saddam's Nuclear Weapons Program
Paul Leventhal, NCI President, Testimony before the Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, March 22, 2000

A Look at Sanctioning Iraq
Patrick Clausen, Washington Institute for Near-East Studies, Washington Post, February 27, 2000, p. B3

US Looks at Easing Sanctions on Iraq
James Lancaster and Colum Lynch, Washington Post, February 25, 2000, p. A1

IAEA Inspection of Iraq's Uranium is Welcome, But Won't Answer Urgent Questions About Saddam's Nuclear-Bomb Program
NCI Press Release, January 12, 2000

New Inspection Plan for Iraq Leaves Loopholes Big Enough to Drive an Atomic Bomb Through
NCI Press Release, December 17, 1999

New UN Inspection Regime for Iraq Falls Short on the Nuclear Front
NCI Press Release, December 10, 1999

Congressional Leaders Tell Clinton: Iraq WMD Threat Persists

With Little Notice, US Planes Have Been Striking Iraq All Year Steven Myers, New York Times, August 13, 1999
Letter from Rep. Trent Lott and 7 Other Congressional Leaders to President Clinton, August 11, 1999

State Department: "No Reason to Believe" Iraq Reconstituting Weapons of Mass Destruction
Excerpt from press briefing by Jamie Rubin, Department of State, July 15, 1999

State Department Discloses It is Pursuing Reports of Iraqi Nuclear-Bomb Components

NCI Press Release, May 3, 1999

NCI Letter to President Clinton, November 19, 1998

State Department Letter to NCI, April 6, 1999

NCI Response to State Department, April 30, 1999

NCI Warns U.N. Security Council of Iraq's Continuing Nuclear Weapons Program

Don't Let Iraq Off Nuclear Hook
Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolley, letter to the editor, New York Times, December 23, 1998

Iraq Nuclear Inspections Easier
Associated Press, December 17, 1998

NCI Warns of Iraqi Nuclear Threat and Weak UN Nuclear Inspections
NCI Press Release, December 16, 1998

Iraq's Inspector Games
Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolley, NCI, Washington Post "Outlook" section, November 29, 1998

NCI to President Clinton: It's Not Time to Close the Iraq "Nuclear File"

NCI Letter to President Clinton, November 19, 1998

State Department Letter to NCI, April 6, 1999

NCI Response to State Department, April 30, 1999

NCI Press Release, May 3, 1999

Recent Iraq Articles of Interest

'Schizophrenic' IAEA Report Ignores Evidence of Iraqi A-Bomb Components

Iraqi Work Toward A-Bomb Reported; U.S. was told of 'implosion devices'

Ex-UN Inspector Warns Iraq Could Produce Nuclear Weapons in 'Days or Weeks' with Smuggled Nuclear Material

 Ritter Testimony Confirms NCI's Warnings that Iraq has Active Nuclear Weapons Program
NCI Press Release, September 3, 1998

Iraqi Move to Block Nuclear Inspectors Raises Threat of Crash A-Bomb Program
NCI Press Release, August 7, 1998

IAEA Confirms Unresolved Questions About Iraq's Nuclear-Bomb Capability

NCI Press Release, July 28, 1998

IAEA Report to the UN Security Council, July 27, 1998

NCI Letter to Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General, IAEA, June 24, 1998

ElBaradei Letter to NCI, June 25, 1998

NCI Letter to ElBaradei, July 1, 1998

Unanswered Questions in Iraq
Steven Dolley & Paul Leventhal, Letter to the editor, Washington Post, June 22, 1998

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What is the Administration's Position on Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Program?

State: It's Been "Eliminated ... by the IAEA"
James Rubin, State Dept. press briefing, June 1, 1998

NSC: "[S]erious questions...remain unanswered"
Donald L. Kerrick, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Letter to NCI, May 29, 1998

Iraq's Nuclear File: Still Open

Mohamed ElBaradei, Director-General, IAEA, Washington Post op-ed, June 1, 1998

NCI Response, Washington Post, June 22, 1998

Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Program:
Unresolved Issues

Steven Dolley, NCI Research Director, May 12, 1998

Letter to UN Ambassador Bill Richardson
Paul Leventhal, President, and Steven Dolley, Research Director, May 12, 1998

U.S. Must Fight for Monitoring of
Iraq's Continued Atom Threat

Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolley,
NCI Op-Ed in Newsday, April 27, 1998

IAEA's Clean Bill of Health for Iraq is Flawed;
Nuclear Inspections, Economic Sanctions Should Continue

NCI Press Release, April 15, 1998

Now Is a Good Time to Revisit
Saddam's Nuclear Capability

Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolley,
International Herald Tribune, March 5, 1998

NCI Report: Iraq and the Bomb:
The Nuclear Threat Continues

Steven Dolley, NCI Research Director, February 19, 1998

NCI Warns that Saddam May Have
Active Nuclear Weapons Program

NCI Press Release, February 19, 1998

Recent IAEA Reports on
Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Program

Could Iraq Build an Atomic Bomb Today
If It Were Able to Buy Fissile Material?

Transcript of Q&A with Ambassador Rolf Ekeus, then-Executive
Chairman of UN Special Commission on Iraq, Carnegie Endowment
for International Peace, Washington, DC, June 10, 1997

"Iraq: How Close to a Nuclear Weapon?"
Edwin S. Lyman, November 14, 1995

"Who Says Iraq Isn't Making a Bomb?"
Paul Leventhal and Edwin Lyman, International
Herald Tribune
, November 2, 1995

Iraq's Crash Program to Build A-Bomb
Should Come as No Surprise, NCI Finds

NCI press release, August 26, 1995

Present Assessments Understate
Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Potential

Paul Leventhal, NCI President, Presented to
the Senate Armed Services Committee, November 30, 1990

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