Our institute, founded in 1981, is a research and advocacy center for preventing nuclear proliferation. Non-profit and non-partisan, we play a watchdog role in a complex and dangerous field. Active both at home and abroad, we engage government and industry officials, public-interest organizations and the media in our work. Our track record indicates an impact on policies and events in the U.S. and overseas that far exceeds what might be expected of an organization of modest size. Our credo is "Be effective."

The president and executive director, Paul Leventhal, is a former political and investigative reporter who went on to senior staff positions in the U.S. Senate on nuclear energy issues. He was responsible for the 1974 law breaking up the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission into independent regulatory and promotional agencies, and for the investigation and legislation leading to stricter controls over U.S. nuclear exports enacted in the U.S. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978. He also directed the Senate's investigation of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. The result was a package of lessons-learned reforms enacted by Congress in 1980 to improve reactor safety and ensure emergency evacuations.

Our board of directors and technical and legal consultants include distinguished experts on civilian and military applications of nuclear energy. A number of them have held high positions in the United States government. Our professional staff of six brings to the Institute experience from Capitol Hill, academe, journalism and the sciences. We have established this World Wide Web site on the Internet to help make a wider public aware of important developments in nuclear proliferation and to increase understanding of the complex issues and potential solutions.

Our institute functions like a de facto Congressional oversight committee, seeking to ensure that the nation's nuclear non-proliferation laws are enforced in letter and spirit and educating the public in the process. Congress often lacks the political will, technical expertise and long-term commitment to pursue these matters. We have a reputation of being uniquely effective and coming up with tangible results.

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NCI Staff

  • President: Paul Leventhal

  • Vice President: Sharon Tanzer

  • Research Director: Steven Dolley

  • Scientific Director: Edwin Lyman

  • Senior Consultant: Alan Kuperman

NCI Board of Directors

  • Paul Leventhal

  • Peter Bradford

  • David Cohen

  • Denis A. Hayes

  • Julian Koenig

  • Roger Richter

  • Sharon Tanzer

  • Theodore Taylor

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