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The Nuclear Control Institute, founded in 1981, is a research and advocacy center for preventing nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism. Non-profit and non-partisan, NCI is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization supported by philanthropic foundations and individuals.  

In particular, we focus on the urgency of  

  • eliminating atom-bomb materials (plutonium and highly enriched uranium) from civilian nuclear power and research plants;
  • disposing of these materials from dismantled nuclear warheads without introducing them into civilian commerce.

Active both at home and abroad, we play a watchdog role and engage governments and industry, international and public-interest organizations and the media in our work. Our track record indicates an impact on decisionmaking that far exceeds what might be expected of an organization of modest size.
Our credo: "Be effective."

In 2003, Nuclear Control Institute was reorganized into a Web-based program operated by its founder and president, Paul Leventhal. An archive of about 300 catalogued boxes of NCIs papers, accumulated over a quarter-century of operation and supplemented by Mr. Leventhals earlier U.S. Senate papers, has been established at the National Security Archive, an affiliate of the George Washington University Library. A word-searchable electronic archive of NCIs core documents over this period is also being established on the NCI website.

y means of this extensive documentation of 30-plus years of nuclear history and the continued activity of Mr. Leventhal to pursue NCIs non-proliferation proposals, the Nuclear Control Institute serves as a valuable resource to the public, the media and to nuclear specialists in government, industry and academe.

PencilWe hope you find the information on our Web site useful, and we welcome your participation and support. KeyPermission to quote or reprint material from this Web site is granted in advance so long as you make proper acknowledgement to the Nuclear Control Institute and you notify us as to
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NCI Staff and Consultants

NCI Board of Directors

  • Paul Leventhal
  • Peter Bradford
  • Roger Richter
  • Sharon Tanzer

Emeritus Directors

  • David Cohen
  • Victor Gilinsky
  • Denis Hayes
  • Julian Koenig

Deceased Directors

  • Rear Admiral Thomas Davies (USN Ret.)
  • Dr. Theodore B. Taylor
  • Barbara Tuchman


Red Line
Nuclear Terrorism - How to Prevent it.
Red Line
Nuclear Terrorism Threat
Could terrorists build a bomb with stolen plutonium or
highly enriched uranium? Are reactors now adequately
protected against sabotage? Here's what the experts say.

NCI conference
To mark its 20th anniversary year, NCI convened
a one-day conference to explore the need for
nuclear power and its linkage with the
proliferation of nuclear weapons. ....

Visit our conference site for online video interviews,
videotapes, speeches, papers, programe & more!

Plutonium & Reprocessing

Plutonium Disposition.
Getting Rid of Military Plutonium
Using plutonium from bombs as fuel for nuclear power
reactors invites theft by terrorists and outlaw states.
How to stop this latest attempt at plutonium commerce:
Directly dispose of plutonium by burying it with
nuclear waste deep in the earth.


All of Iraq's nuclear scientists are still
in place. None of the nuclear-bomb
components they built before the Gulf War
have been found. If Iraq could steal or buy
plutonium or bomb-grade uranium, Saddam
could have the Bomb in short order.

Nuclear Central

India conducted five nuclear tests.
Pakistan followed with five tests of
its own. Who's next? Check this
collection of the best on the Web
on this grave nuclear crisis.



With bomb-grade, high-enriched uranium (HEU), a student
could make a bomb powerful enough to destroy a city.
Low-enriched uranium (LEU) can't be made into bombs.
Which fuel do you want in university reactors?

Plutanic Ship
Radioactive Sea Shipments
Japan, Britain & France are beginning to ship plutonium
wastes by sea in containers that can't survive a sinking.
What can be done to stop them?

bi-plane with plutonium banner
Plutonium Air Shipments
By the speck, plutonium can kill. By the ton, it will be
flown in casks that can't survive a plane crash. Why?

U.S.-China Nuclear Trade animation
China was the "single most important supplier of equipment
and technology for weapons of mass destruction" and a major
nuclear supplier to Iran and Pakistan in the second half of 1996,
the CIA recently concluded. Yet, President Clinton is preparing
to make the non-proliferation certifications required to clear
the way for U.S. sales of nuclear reactors and fuel to China.
Does nuclear trade with China make sense at this time?

 Is America's fear of nuclear power irrational?

Red Line
Join CAP
Red Line
  Join CAP - Campaign Against Plutonium
  What can be done to save your World? Visit our CAP page.

"Plutonium on the Internet" Poster

Red Line

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Red Line

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